Learn the lost culinary arts of “putting food up” and the food artisan skills of pressure and water bath canning, fermenting, making meals from scratch, baking and cooking from whole foods and jam/jelly making. We invite you to make memories, eat great food and gain skills you really can use! Classes can be added to your stay.

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Canning Gourmet Jams & Jellies

Jams & jellies most commonly made from fruits can be made from vegetables, flowers, & wines. Explore in my kitchen some of the fun gourmet jellies – flower jellies (in season), herb jelly, & wine jelly – while learning the basics of safe water bath canning.

Fruit Salsas

Salsa is a Mexican word for “sauce” and can be either cooked or fresh. It has come to refer to a blend of vegetables and/or fruits with spices & herbs. Learn how to serve mango or peach salsa (rather than just with chips) and water bath canning to preserve this delightful relish.

Pressure Canning Made Easy

This canning technique often intimidates beginner food preservers due to the “pressure” needed to seal in the vegetable or meat flavor. Let me take you step by step in correctly using a pressure canner to make a delicious vegetable soup for you to take home.

Fermented Vegetables for your Health

Preserving the harvest is an essential part of being a homesteader, but you don’t want to rely entirely on canning. Fermenting is a simple, quick preservation method that I can teach you – When you eat fermented food, you’re getting probiotics, digestive enzymes, and healthy acids that all contribute to your overall wellness.

Grandma’s Homemade Pie

The “almost forgotten” art of pie making is made easy with my tips & tricks for a delicious fruit pie. (in season fruit will be used).

Breakfast Scones 101

Scones & tea sound so “elegant” but we can learn to make this delicious breakfast pastry from scratch.

Bone Broth for a Healthy You

Make your own homemade slow Roasted Beef Broth for the most delicious stock that makes perfect stews, soups, and roasts. I like to call it liquid gold!

Artisan No-Knead Bread Making

Learn a “no need to knead” method of bread making in my kitchen as well as enjoy the heavenly smells & taste of fresh baked bread. Learning to use a Dutch oven included.

Kids in the Kitchen

Let me guide your kiddos in hands-on kid-friendly recipes in the kitchen. Homemade pretzels and ice cream are on the menu but recipes will be chosen to be age appropriate. Ages 5 – 12 yrs old with a parent/guardian present.
On the Farm Classes & Workshops - VALLEY SPRINGS FARM
On the Farm Classes & Workshops - VALLEY SPRINGS FARM

Heritage Life Skills Workshops:

$25/person per workshop
Includes supplies and finished product to take home
Add to your reservation when you book your room.